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Welcome to Smart Voyager!

What is Smart Voyager?

Smart Voyager is a world SIM for travelers. When you use our global SIM card you will forget international roaming or even what is roaming.

Our mission is to make you save money on mobile calls when you are abroad. By using our international SIM card international calling and data roaming will no longer be expensive. Savings on calling costs can be huge, up to 90%. Now, you can use your cell phone abroad without spending a fortune.

Who is using Smart Voyager?

The range of our service is really wide, from leisure travelers to business travelers, the maritime companies and the seagoing personnel. Order Smart Voyager SIM card and use it only when you need it.

Inexpensive Calls to Satellite Phones

We are proud to announce you that we are the first telecom that breaks the rules on satellite calls. Now, you can call Inmarsat BGAN, Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya phones for a fraction of the cost.

Fair Price Policy

We don’t want to make a fortune from you. Our Viability renders on the quality of our services and on the volume of our devoted customers.

We do our best to offer you the best possible rates. There are no hidden charges. Enjoy our incredible rates to make a calls everywhere at nearly local rates and be called to your Smart Voyager SIM from Skype for less than €0,02/min.

Calls to Inmarsat BGAN

Use Smart Voyager SIM card to call Inmarsat BGAN from 0,55 USD. Click bellow to see the available countries and rates.


Low-cost outgoing calls

Talk and smile. Our inexpensive rates are really enjoyable. See some examples
UK to China Mob. from 0.04 $/Min
UK to S.Korea Mob. from 0.08 $/Min
USA to UK Mob from 0.09 $/Min

Pay as you Go

Smart Voyager Sim is a prepaid sim card. There is no contract to bind you or a monthly fee to pay. You are free to use it only when you really need it, while the rest time can be idle until your next travel.


Additional services

Use Smart Voyager partner sites and gain from our value added services. Use our calling cards to call Smart Voyager Sim and for any other international call from a cable phone. Find cheap hotels, tour packages and adventure tours.

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